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Blytheville Regional Facts and Figures

City and Regional Overview

A recent community assessment by Lockwood Greene reported: “Rarely has Lockwood Greene seen a more positive local business climate…”

The combined attributes of the Greater Blytheville Area — good accessibility, strong workforce potential, a pro-business atmosphere and a progressive incentive program — are complimented by a population of residents who are focused on growth and progress.


Built for success, the Blytheville industrial scene is in a near-perfect location.

The riverfront industrial area, featuring access to the Mississippi River; the Blytheville Industrial Park, located just off Interstate 55; and the Arkansas Aeroplex, developed on the grounds of the former Eaker Air Force Base all offer attractive locales for continued industrial growth in the area. Manufacturers choose the area because of an impressive list of amenities. Most important is the highly strategic location—Blytheville is within 500 miles of 40 percent of U.S. buying power and is at the center point between Canada and Mexico. Its ideal proximity from Memphis (just over an hour by car) allows residents and businesses to benefit from all that a large city has to offer without having to deal with the daily frustrations of city life. And cities such as St. Louis (200 miles away) and Little Rock (189 miles away) are easily managed day trips.

Blytheville, according to the 2010 census, is home to 15,700 people; Gosnell, 2,053. The cities serve a surrounding rural population of over 50,000.

For more information contact Clif Chitwood at Great River Economic Development Area.


Road, rail, water and air all converge for convenience in Mississippi County. Located on Interstate 55, the county is less than a one-hour drive from Interstate 40. Ports in Blytheville and Osceola offer access to the Mississippi River, and are an hour from Memphis, Tennessee, the distribution capital of America. For air, the Arkansas Aeroplex possesses one of the longest runways in North America — 11,600 feet, able to accommodate even the largest aircraft, and equipped with all-weather instrument capability. Rail service leads to the industrial area, which is served by Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

Airport Facilities
Blytheville Municipal Airport
Longest runway 5,000 feet paved surface, lighted, VASI approach, non-directional beacon, (NDB) approach

Arkansas International Airport
(Owned by Blytheville - Gosnell Regional A1irport Authority)
Longest runway 11,600 feet paved surface, lighted, high intensity approach, instrument landing system, VOR

Charter Service
Memphis, Tennessee - 63 Miles

Nearest Commercial Service
Memphis, Tennessee - 63 Miles

Interstate 55
U.S. Highway 61
State Highway 18

Motor Freight Carriers
There are approximately nine motor freight carriers that serve the Blytheville area.

OMT Transportation
Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging
Reichmann Transport Inc.
American Freightways Inc.
T K Enterprises
Consolidated Freightways
Compass Transportation
Donco Trucking
Truckers Express

Transit Time (in days)
Chicago = 2
Dallas = 2
Kansas City = 1
Los Angeles= 5
New York= 5
St. Louis= 1

Bus Line
Greyhound Bus Station

Burlington Northern/Santa Fe
The north-south main line runs through the center of Blytheville. Burlington Northern provides daily switching services. 870-762-5278

Port Facilities
Marine Terminals of Arkansas
Located at Hickman and Barfield Landings on the Mississippi River, 8 miles east of Blytheville, provides nearby access to the inland waterway system. Blytheville is 715 river-miles north of New Orleans, 143 river-miles south of Cairo, and 378 river-miles south of St. Louis. 870-763-5923

Mississippi River - There is a barge terminal and port on the Mississippi River, eight miles east.

For More Information
Great River Economic Development Area
Clif Chitwood
Phone: 870-532-2100
Fax: 870-532-2146


Local Suppliers: Entergy (AP&L) and Mississippi County Electrical Co-Op.
City transmission voltages: 161,000
City primary voltages: 4,160 to 12,400 volts
Service voltages available: 110, 220, 440

Entergy furnished electrical power to the Blytheville area. The ten electrical power substations have a total capacity of 840 MVA's with voltage ranging from 500 KV to 4 KV.

For More Information

Mississippi County Electrical Co-Op

Natural Gas
Source Gas Arkansas, Inc.

For More Information
Source Gas Arkansas, Inc.

City Supplier: Blytheville Water Works
Source of Supply: Wells
Number of Wells: 4
Pumping capacity: 6,000,000 GPD
Storage capacity: 1,600,000 gallons
Peak consumption: 5,000,000 GPD
Surplus capacity: 2,000,000 GPD

The water supply is approved by the State Board of Health and is rated as Alkaline, very soft and fluoridated.

For More Information
Blytheville Water Works

Local Supplier: City of Blytheville
System capacity: 4,000,000 GPD
Peak sewer treatment: 2,200,000 GPD
Surplus capacity: 2,300,000 GPD

Served by a lagoon system with air entrainment. Blytheville maintains three State Certified sewage treatment plants.