Live & Work - Greater Blytheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Centrally located in the heart of an excellent transportation nexus, Mississippi County presents a great opportunity for companies interested in industrial expansion and the rapid delivery of goods or products. The county offers a motivated workforce backed by state-of-the-art training facilities and institutions, excellent transportation options, a highly supportive business environment, and an aggressive approach to growth that includes a generous incentive plan. The people of Mississippi County have committed themselves to forging new and lasting partnerships with business and industry. In 2003, the county created an innovative publicly-funded program to create highly competitive incentives for industrial and commercial growth. This program provides funding to incoming industry or expanding existing industry that can be used for almost any tangible aspect of growth, from the purchase of land and buildings to the construction of new infrastructure. The combined attributes of the Blytheville area — good accessibility, strong workforce potential, a pro-business atmosphere and a progressive incentive program — are complimented by a population of residents who are absolutely focused on growth and progress. And with all this, industry bustles in the area!

Good business in Blytheville is not limited to industry. The retail sector features leading chains such as a Wal-Mart Supercenter and Lowe’s, and number of independent boutiques. The historic Main Street corridor takes on a charm all its own with its captivating architecture, serpentine street and flower-filled planters. Apparel, cards and gifts, home furnishings and accessories, and antiques are a few of the shopping options. Main Street is also home to the nationally acclaimed That Bookstore in Blytheville. This landmark is a regular stop for world-renowned writer John Grisham along with other best-selling authors such as Michael Connelly. Pat Conroy, Mary Higgins Clark, and well-known figures that have included Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice.

As for living, the area’s rich Delta history is reflected in the gorgeous older homes sheltered by huge oak trees, but the bright and new have a place in Blytheville too. New additions are in development, and these new homes, located in prime areas, feature the most luxurious of amenities and virtually every convenience.