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Welcome to the Greater Blytheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Blytheville, Arkansas and the Greater Blytheville Area Chamber of Commerce. Often called the “gateway to the Arkansas Delta,” Blytheville combines the charms of small-town living with the accessibility of big city amenities, which are a mere hour away! 

The historic downtown area offers boutique shopping, along with clothing stores, books, shoes and great bargains.  All around town, you can enjoy superb accommodations at award-winning hotels.  Fine food is abundant, from our classic pork barbeque to ethnic delights and gourmet dining.

Steel-making and cotton-growing are two professions held in high esteem in this northeast corner of Arkansas. As the second leading steel producer in the nation, the area also is among leading agricultural producers for cotton and soy beans.

And the best thing: Everywhere you go, you can  expect a level of friendliness and warmth that only true Southern hospitality can offer.

Travel our site. We are here to help you find whatever you need and we would love to have you stop by for a visit!

Car Enthusiasts' Utopia
The Arkansas Aeroplex in Blytheville is gearing up for a roaring weekend that will be a boon to the city's economy as well as great fun for auto-enthusiasts from nearby and far away. 

The annual Relay for Life celebration, a National Cancer Society fundraiser and ceremony honoring cancer survivors and remembering those lost to the disease, will feature Cars & Cycles Against Cancer. The huge car show heads into Blytheville on Friday, June 3, parading to the Arkansas Aeroplex down Blytheville's historic Main Street at 5 p.m. and opening for display on Saturday, June 4.  The British National Meet comes to town on June 3 as well, joining with C&CAC in the parade with some 100 British autos, owned by collectors from throughout the U.S.  As if that is not enough, Blytheville also is excited to host the inaugural Arkansas Mile, making hay of the 11,000 foot runway at the Aeroplex.  I replica of the famed Texas Mile, this event will bring almost 200 cars to Blytheville where drivers register to take their turns on the runway, driving as fast as they possibly can for a mile. Spectators can pay to watch, with food trucks and beverages aplenty. All these activities will come to life with the help of auto celebrity Dennis Gage, with music from Colt 45, and with much hoopla and festivity!

Hotels are  booked, and many local merchants are offering special deals for Blytheville's very welcomed visitors. The entire weekend promises to be unique and altogether terrific.  Come enjoy a lively time!


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