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Welcome to the Greater Blytheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Blytheville, Arkansas and the Greater Blytheville Area Chamber of Commerce. Often called the “gateway to the Arkansas Delta,” Blytheville combines the charms of small-town living with the accessibility of big city amenities, which are a mere hour away! 

The historic downtown area offers boutique shopping, along with clothing stores, books, shoes and great bargains.  All around town, you can enjoy superb accommodations at award-winning hotels.  Fine food is abundant, from our classic pork barbeque to ethnic delights and gourmet dining.

Steel-making and cotton-growing are two professions held in high esteem in this northeast corner of Arkansas. As the second leading steel producer in the nation, the area also is among leading agricultural producers for cotton and soy beans.

And the best thing: Everywhere you go, you can  expect a level of friendliness and warmth that only true Southern hospitality can offer.

Travel our site. We are here to help you find whatever you need and we would love to have you stop by for a visit!

Stay warm!

 Winter is upon us it seems--Wow!

We hope everyone is warm and toasty as we find ourselves already in the holiday season! Blytheville is alive and clamoring with activity; stores are beginning their holiday sales , concerts are planned and excitement is brewing. The annual Christmas Parade, with the theme "All I Want for Christmas"
will weave down historic Main Street on Friday night, December 5. Grand Marshall Emanuel Lofton will lead the way as floats, bands, Mickey and Minnie and SANTA join the fun.  Food and fun for all--that describes the parade, so don't miss it.

Check the calendar for all the activities, and meanwhile remember this message: SHOP LOCAL!  Every penny spent in Blytheville helps build our streets, provides police protection and supports our fire department. Every penny spent in another city helps their police, fire and street departments!  Support your friends and neighbors--keep business alive in Blytheville. Shop local! 

Happy Holidays!

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